Monday, November 9, 2009

Sneak Peak: Morpho 1P

In this installment of Sneak Peaks, we highlight a new AirSupported tent, Morpho 1P. This tent is the 1 person lightweight version of Morpho AR, and a good compromise for folks who are undecided between the elbow-height Gogo bivy and Morpho AR. I took the Morpho 1P with me this summer on a trip to Sun Valley, and really enjoyed the 'sprawling out' room.

We originally toyed with the idea of calling it Morpho 1.5 because it’s definitely large enough for you and your favorite 4-legged companion, or for two people who want to travel ultra light (and who really like each other). We’ve had quite a few people ask us if you can fit 2 in a Gogo, and while it would be pretty tight, those people might really like the Morpho 1P.


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