Friday, March 19, 2010

Overflowing Shelves

[As promised] It is with tired arms that we announce 2010 inventory has been unloaded and stocked onto our warehouse shelves! This was our biggest shipment ever with nearly 90 skus. Bill made a quick time-lapse video by setting up a camera in the doorway as we were unloading the boxes. I think next time we will set the camera to go off a little more often, but since we've all been working out, unloading occurred in record time.

[Hint: If you are looking for Losi 3P, Meta 2P or Meta 1P, these products have already been sold out through backorders. Look for fresh product that should be arriving at our dealers now. For customers in the US, see the below map as a reference.]

View NEMO Dealer Listing in a larger map



Unknown said...

Does this mean I should be able to buy an Asashi Footprint/Pawprint soon? I've been waiting forever on those and am about to take my Asashi out for the first time next weekend.

Connie said...

You should be able to get an Asashi Pawprint from our online store now. Footprints can be found at stores like REI, Amazon, Tahoe Mountain Sports, etc. I noticed that they are 'in stock' at Tahoe, but still 'out of stock' at REI and Amazon... we are getting more stock in May, but it shouldn't be hard to find one now.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the Nemo Ditto Wallet? Cant find it anywhere

Connie said...

We are getting more in the first week of May. They've been incredibly popular this spring -- and difficult to get hold of as a result.