Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NEW 2010 Boxes

With NEMO's new 2010 product line comes a complete redesign of the boxes they come in.  After weeks of brainstorming sessions and countless hours of meticulous proofing, we have a new and unique box.  Check it out.  Here's what it took:

67 mini box mockups
3 rolls of double sided sticky tape
81 Adobe Illustrator CS4 files
1772 circles in custom map graphic (see below)

Another new feature about the new box is that it is a "full overlap" box.  This means that there is another cardboard flap folded underneath the top and bottom flaps of the box.  You can use a knife to open up the box without damaging your tent.  Don't go crazy though.

Here's a shot of the final layout of the box.  There is another, smaller version of this box for smaller tents and accessories.  With graphs and charts, we discovered 2 optimized box sizes to accommodate our 107+ products.  We will continue to ship smaller accessories or parts in poly-mailer bags and envelopes.

A closeup of the "world" printed on the inner flap.  It is stylized with circles and can be filled in any way that you like.  We might just start it off by filling in where the box's destination is.

One of our main goals for this box was to design it so people would want to keep or reuse it.  Making the box visually interesting can increase its life expectancy.  Please help the environment by reusing this box for shipping, funky lamp displays, halloween costumes, or practicing darts.  Enjoy!


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