Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jeremy Jones going Deeper

We're psyched that snowboarder Jeremy Jones is part of our 2010 NEMO ambassador lineup. Adding him to our roster of amazing athletes almost puts the finishing touch on John's (NEMO's Director of Sales) list of bro crushes... all he needs is Dan Keith Malloy to show up at his door for dinner.

Jeremy is incredibly immersed in all aspects of snowboarding -- and has been from the very beginning of the sport. From making killer videos to developing some of the most advanced freeride boards in the market to being an advocate for the nonprofit Protect Our Winters (POW), he's doing it all. His newest film Deeper explores amazing backcountry snowboarding terrain in BC with Jonaven Moore. As Jeremy says, being there "is the best wide screen, hi-def TV you will ever watch." Read more about his trip report here. (pics via TGR)


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