Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We're starting to show signs of Spring around the NEMO headquarters and it got me thinking about the dreaded spring cleaning ritual. Along with getting rid of old clothes and packing up the winter gear, maybe you're finding that that old laptop is just too slow and it's time for a new iPad or Notebook. If that's the case, World Computer Exchange is a great organization contributing to positive social change while recycling your old computer. We learned about them back in 2008 while looking to recycle some of our computers. And one of the 26 chapters located worldwide is in Boston, so it was easy for us to drop the computers off.

WCE donates computers and funds to schools, libraries, refugee camps and community centers in over 71 developing countries. Their aim is to provide logistics to source and deploy computers, materials and services; recruit volunteer teams to train partners and troubleshoot networks & upgrades; build partnerships and raise awareness of the need to recycle and to strengthen local electronics recyclers.

The British Embassy just donated some of their old computers which are now heading to Tanzania. Since 2000, WCE has helped establish 2,550 computer labs in 40 countries, connecting over 1 million youth to the Internet each year. To find a chapter near you, click here.


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