Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Missing Catalog Day

Erin and Bill, this post is for you.

Today was the long awaited 2010 product catalog arrival day, a joyous event for all. Unfortunately, the two stars of the show, Bill and Erin, whose countless hours of creating, nudging, and perfecting have made this catalog into the sexy piece of art it is, weren't around to share in the unveiling. We congratulate Bill on his (day after) turkey opening day success, and send our condolences to Erin who is hopefully no longer feeling clavicle pain after her clash of exuberant dog, speeding bike, and asphalt. Here's a sneak peak for you (and all of our NEMO fans.) There are a lot of special details in the catalog this year, but I don't want to be a spoiler for those of you who will get one in the mail. Here's the teaser.

Hand cut embossing of the mountains on the front cover

NEMO Culture Gallery 2010

Full bleed glossy images

To order your very own 2010 NEMO catalog visit the catalog request page on our website.


1 comment:

Ian said...

not going to lie... pretty excited to get mine.