Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November Beach Cleanup / Logging Waves

We were all happy to see that this November's beach cleanup only yielded 3 bags of trash (60 pounds total) for our adopted section of Jenness Beach, down from the 150 pound pickups of earlier in the summer. Whether this means that there's less littering or more people are out picking up--either way, it's good news.

Nate and I got lucky in our post-beach cleanup session. We were two of 4 people in the water who got to indulge in some beautiful waist high logging waves. We were pysched to meet Johna K., who caught this pic of me on a little left that seemed to never end.

If any folks want to join us on our next cleanup in December, please give a holler. We are hoping to get our friends at Grain Surfboards out with us with their demo van...


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