Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sneak Peek 2011: Obi Elite 1P

Attention people who are tired of carrying lots a weight up a mountain!

Spring 2011 brings the NEMO Obi Elite 1P and a lighter load. We designed every feature of this little one person tent with weight savings on the mind. With a lot of hard work, this tent is nearly the lightest on the market, but still packed full of features and comfort. It was our goal to create something light enough that you wouldn't think twice about bringing as an emergency shelter on day hikes, and still maintain the comfort to call it home on a 2,200 mile trekking journey.

I think highlights include the large side vestibule (far bigger than others in its class), Jake's Feet hardware, and volumizing vents that not only let the air flow through but pull out the sides of your tent drastically increasing your living room.

Cons and I took the 2 person version of this tent (yes, for those of you who aren't into solo hiking there will be a double wide version with two vestibules) on our recent trip around Mt. Rainier on the Wonderland Trail for some late season testing. We ended up carrying about twice as much food as we needed because the guilt of how light our packs felt.

Start thinking about all the extra snickers bars you can bring next spring...



Anonymous said...

Is there a weight for it yet?

Connie said...

Samples have come in at 1 lb, 15 oz...

Ann said...

I imagine that when it comes to taking an emergency shelter along, dayhikers will only pack the fly. How much does the fly weight?

Connie said...

You're right Ann, a common option is to take the fly and the poles. This will let you set up a protected shelter for minimal weight (we call this the "On the Fly Setup"). Pre-production weights have come in at:

Poles: 9.7 oz
Fly: 10.8 oz

isleofhoy said...

Hi - Is there a release date for the Obi 2 Elite?

Connie said...

For 2011, there will only be a Obi Elite 1P, not an Obi Elite 2P.

Obi 2P should be available starting March, Obi Elite 1P should be available starting June.

Paul Hoy said...

Connie - thanks for your response. Do you have the specs for the obi 2, dimensions at least?

Paul Hoy said...

Connie - And one follow up question - when can we pre-order the Obi 2?

Paul Hoy said...

Connie - Sorry for the emails. Four more questions. I was about to purchase the big agnes fly creek, when I found this. Being a fan of Nemo quality (I own the Nemo Losi 3P), I'm looking to purchase prior to my late April canoe trip.

1. What is the difference between the Obi 2 and the Obi 2 Elite?

2. Is the "double wide version with two vestibules" the Obi 2?

3. When will both Obi 2 Elite be available?

4. Any chance I can pre-order (I know, already asked this)?


Connie said...

Ask away, we are here to answer!

Specs for Obi 2P
Minimum weight: 3 lb
Interior height: 40"
Floor area: 27 sq ft
Vestibule area: 18 sq ft

Max length: 80"
Max width (head end): 50"
Min width (foot end): 42"

1. Obi 2P has 2 entries/exits and 2 vestibules. Obi 2P Elite was originally a pared down version of Obi 2P (with the same footprint), but with even lighter fabrics and only one entry/vestibule. After a lot of debate within the design team, we decided to cut Obi 2P Elite from our 2011 offerings, but there is a chance we could offer it in 2012.

2. Yes, Obi 2P is the one with 2 vestibules. It is not quite double the width of Obi 1P. Obi 2P is 50" at the widest and Obi 1P is 39".

3. We're not planning to release Obi 2P Elite until 2012 at the earliest.

4. Pre-ordering the Obi 2P... call our customer service and we can put you on "the list".

Paul Hoy said...

Thanks, Connie. I'm on the pre-order list.

Rudi Rabauke said...

Hey - can you please say something about the release dates of this series, especially for the Obi 1, in Europe? Will they be different than in the US?
Do you have special distributors and different pricing for your gear in Europe?

Btw: Compliments for the great naming! One will always be wisely guided and protected under the wings of an Obi-1. ;)

Connie said...


This will be a long response, maybe worthy of its own post.

1) Distributors:
UK: Beyond Hope
Germany: Triple X
Norway: Vertical Playground

You will have to check with local retailers with regards to when they will receive product. The distributor pages should have a list of stockists.

2. Release date of the series in Europe:
For Obi 1P & Footprint, Beyond Hope has stock on order for late March. For Obi 2P, Vertical Playground has inventory going to them in early March. Beyond Hope will have stock for late March. For Obi Elite 1P, Vertical Playground and Beyond Hope both have stock ordered for late March.

3. Pricing:
Given the amount of currency fluctuation and proximity to other currencies, we don't have a fixed MSRP for European sales. We have given them guidance, but the end price will largely defined by the local economy.

Jonnie said...

Sorry if this sounds stupid, but is it really possible to stay dry with only the "On The Fly Setup"? The large vent looks like it'd rain on one's head...
Is the groundsheet necessary for the "On The Fly Setup"?

The Former PK said...

Connie/Suzanne-Not sure if you remember us, but we met you at the REI garage sale in Reading. Do you have a definite release date for the Obi 2P tent? I think that is the one we will take on our AT thru hike. Do you know when it will be available in REI stores?

Connie said...

Yup, we definitely remember you guys from the REI in Reading. It was fun walking you both through the tents. I just talked to the folks here and we are getting the tents in here next week. They'll be turned around almost immediately to REI. I'm not sure REI's timeline once they receive the tents but I imagine (hope) they are a well-oiled machine in terms of getting product to customers.

Email/Call if you have any other questions.

Good luck on the AT!

Janet said...

Can you confirm that the Elite 1P is a freestanding tent? Any more news on when it will be released, and where it can be purchased online?

Janet said...

Can you confirm that the Obi 1P is freestanding? Any suggestions on where to preorder?

Connie said...

Yes, Obi 1P is definitely free-standing. You can order it directly from our website now (good if you get excited by immediate gratification like me), or there are online places where you can likely pre-order:

Mountains Plus

Anonymous said...

Hi -
Quick question. Does the obi elite 1p have a vent rod in the top of the fly opening to allow for top ventilation like the obi 2p does? Looks like a great tent.

Connie said...

Obi Elite 1P does not have the zipper flap vent that Obi 2P has. (FYI, we debated it heavily, and decided that it was a minimalist tent and really worked to shave every fraction of an ounce off wherever we could)

Anonymous said...

I have one quick question.
Will the obi elite be in stock in early june as scheduled? I am going on a trip soon and would like to upgrade my shelter:)

Anonymous said...

Is there an updated release date for the Obi 1 Elite yet? I am going on a trip soon, and would like to take this tent with me, if possible.