Monday, July 11, 2011

Go Forth to the Nearest Public Library!

Having spent a good deal of my childhood at public libraries, I've always been a fan of books, periodicals, card catalogs, and the Dewey Decimal System. But now in my adult life, I have a renewed appreciation of free movie rentals (when did libraries change over from Charlton Heston movies to complete series of quality shows like Arrested Development, Sopranos, West Wing, and Mad Men? I believe it was sometime in 1997.), new music, back issues of magazines I just want to thumb through and not buy, and events.

At the Nashua library, events span anything from cooking lessons, language groups, piano concerts, fly fishing technique classes, etc. For you lucky Granite Staters, NEMO friend Ben S. is giving some presentations at NH libraries about his epic trip from NH to Argentina on a motorcycle. Some of the presentations have already passed, but there are plenty more to come, all free and open to the public.

7/12 - Amherst, NH 7pm
7/13 - Wilton, NH 7pm
7/14 - Bow, NH 6:30pm
7/17 - Freedom, NH 4pm
8/3 - Epsom, NH 7pm
9/16 - New Boston, NH 7pm
9/21 - Durham, NH 7pm
9/22 - Dunbarton, NH 7pm
10/19 - Sommersworth, NH 7pm
10/20 - Salem, NH 7pm
TBD - Dublin, NH

Visit your local library (some of your tax money is going there, after all), check out some new books, and see/talk to people like Ben who have had incredible adventures.



Wreckincars said...

Some friends and I will be in the area on a motorcycle trip, however we will miss you presentation by a few days. It would be awesome if you could film one of them and post it on YouTube :)

Ben said...

Great idea about posting on YouTube, I'll see what I can do!