Friday, July 8, 2011

NEMO Classroom Lesson #201: Setting Up Asashi On the Fly

Folks here in the office have been spending some time on the beach thanks to some spectacular weather in the Northeast. Bridget used Asashi "On the Fly" this past weekend, and wanted to share the easiest way to set this up with everyone.

For the "On the Fly" setup, you'll need the Asashi Footprint, Fly (no inner tent), and poles (all of them).

First, lay out the Footprint. The NEMO label should face up.

Make sure that the grommets on the corner webbing are adjusted to be as close to the Footprint corners as possible. Also make sure the webbing on the triglides is double backed so it doesn't slip out over time.

Insert the long main poles into the corner grommets of the Footprint, crossing at the center.

Pull the fly over the poles, making sure that the door is aligned with the long side of the Footprint. You'll know you have it right when you look inside the door and see the sewn NEMO label immediately to the right.

Secure the fly to the poles by trapping the grommet on the fly under the Footprint anchors.

On the underside of the fly, secure one of the poles at the center intersection (doesn't matter which) to the fly using the sewn in Velcro tabs.

It's easiest to insert the ridge poles from inside the shelter. Secure one end of the pole in the reinforced triangle area with Velcro, then repeat with the other side.

Where the ridge poles intersect with the main poles, use the sewn-in Velcro tabs to secure these poles together.

You should now have a perfect shade for hot summer days.

You can even add the Garage to this setup if you need more coverage.

Any questions?



fitness.adventurer said...

Hey Nemo Equipment, Dusty here!
I guess I am too nice of a guy? Twice I lend out my favorite tent, and both times my tent has returned to me in poor condition. I have an Asashi that now has 4 bent poles, one broken, shredded footprint, missing garage, cut fly, and thrown up on paw print. Is there replacement parts I can buy for the sweetest 4p tent designed? Should/could I wait for the garage sale?

Connie said...

Hi Dusty,

A huge bummer to hear that your tent has come back worse for wear from people borrowing it. I would suggest contact journey@nemoequipment.ocm to let Nicole know exactly what pieces you need on your tent.

All the best,

Doug said...

Hi Connie,
Great setup for the Asashi. Would like to do the same with Losi 2P but the corner straps do not appear to have the grommets. It appears that Jake's feet are required. Am I missing something?

Teltta Rollup said...

All in all the tent is pretty nice and it seem not really hard to assemble.