Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Princess and the Pea/Pebble

At NEMO, we always try to have an interesting and innovative take on design. Even for something like a sleeping pad test bench, we set the goal of designing the ultimate sleeping pad testing bench. Here were some of the self-assigned goals when considering the design:
  • Indestructible. Designed so a 400lb Linebacker could Kneel on it anywhere.
  • Have 3 separate compartments (rocks, roots, razor blades, etc.)
  • Have a NEMO sleeping pad storage system inside
  • Quick assembly and tear down
  • Able to be carried on a plane
  • Relate aesthetically to the NEMO trade show booth
  • Look Cool
After some brainstorming, sketching, and quick modeling, here was the final solution: Using 1.25” aluminum poles, removable railing joints, 2 sheets of 1/16” thick aluminum, and about 3 yards of heavy duty hypalon, and a sheet of plywood, we built a sleeping pad testing bench that could support my Jeep.


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