Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Here Comes the Story of the Hurricane

While people in the Bahamas are boarding up, evacuating, or watching with apprehension as category 3 Hurricane Irene makes her way north, surfers here on the east coast watch the reports with nearly (ok, its hard to compare) as much apprehension. A quick check on the Weed a few moments ago yielded this report for local surf break-The Wall, claiming an unprecedented (in my 6 years in New Hampshire) 23 feet of swell. Yikes.

While I know I won't be out in the water on Sunday, I wish safe and fantastic rides to anyone who braves it. Can't wait to see the pictures Monday. Fingers are crossed for a week full of chest high, fast, and clean to follow.

Perhaps we can even stretch those perfect waves until September 10th for Grain's Surf Re-Evolution event. I'm sure a bunch of NEMOites will be stopping in for the day of surf, fun, food, art, movies and philosophy. If you're near, come join in the celebration and conversation (or just come for the waves and food!)


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