Friday, October 7, 2011

All Cylinders Firing

After a visit from Mike's Sewing Machine Repair we now have five industrial sewing machines set up and running—a big bonus of having more space in our new office.
  • The regular Juki will remain the go-to machine.
  • The Pfaff can be used for finer fabrics and adjustable stitching.
  • The Juki bar tacker can be used to quickly connect or reinforce something with a very strong bond.
  • The Nakajima cylinder sewing machine will be set up to edge bind as soon as I make a custom attachment, but in the meantime will function well as a regular machine for projects with difficult access issues.
  • And the Merrow serger purrs as it overlocks and cuts fabric edges, especially good for knits.

Clearly, there is still some cleaning to do.


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